Facilities offered at KJP are of a very high standard and include the following:

  • Computer centre
  • Media centre
  • Support group
  • After-care
  • Heated swimming Pool
  • Sport Fields

Computer Centre:
KJP has an up to date computer centre which is equipped with 30 workstations, media projector and colour laser printing facilities. This allows the learners to be educated in the essential skills of computers to equip them for the future. The school also has a permanent ADSL connection to allow the educators to research material for their lessons.

Our children work with Paint and learn to paste their creative drawings into Word and Publisher. Class work and themes are integrated into computer lessons. Books, Computer Encyclopedia and selected internet sites are used to research mini projects.

Projects are done in Word, Publisher, Excel and Powerpoint.

Media Centre:
Our well equipped media centre has books to cater for all ages at the school.

Support Group:
At KJP, we offer support classes for Grades 1,2 & 3. These support classes were created to meet the needs of the increasing number of learners being identified as requiring remediation. Each class has a maximum of 16 learners and is taught by a qualified remedial teacher. The learners in the class are fully integrated with the rest of the school and participate in all the school has to offer.

We provide facilities and classrooms for outside therapists and professionals such as psychologists, speech therapist and occupational therapist to assist learners with specific difficulties. These sessions are arranged privately, by parents, at their own cost.

GOAL: To facilitate the development of self confidence, to uplift and restore the learners sense of dignity and self worth and to provide our learners with the academic foundations necessary for them to reach their true potential and enjoy a successful experience in mainstream education.

After Care:

After care facilities are offered at the school. This facility is run by Marlene Muir and provides an essential service to many of our parents while they are at work.

The new after care centre offers magnificent facilities to ensure the safe care of the children after school hours.

Heated Swimming Pool:

Our 15m swimming pool is heated and is used for swimming training and galas during the first and last terms of each year. It is also used throughout the year by the Becker Swimming Academy to offer private swimming tuition.

Sport Fields

We have two sports fields equipped with jungle gyms for the kids to enjoy at break time. The fields are also equipped with cricket nets, netball posts and a tennis wall.

School Hall:

Our hall is where we hold assembly and is also used for music lessons. It is home to our lovely baby grand piano. We have a well designed stage which is used to perform our concert, which is always stacks of fun for all.