About KJP

Refer to our information guide on the Documents page for history and general information about KJP.


Our vision is to continue developing Kloof Junior Primary School as a centre of excellence for learners in the Foundation Phase


  • We will EDUCATE the child as a whole person by developing them academically, physically aesthetically and emotionally
  • We will PROVIDE a loving, caring environment, which enables the child to develop into a self confident and well-adjusted person
  • We will ENSURE that the educators are of the highest calibre and that they are kept abreast of developments in the field of education
  • We will PROVIDE optimum educational facilities
  • We will ADMINISTER the school according to Christian principles whilst acknowledging the freedom of religious choice
  • We will KEEP the classes small (currently set at 27 learners per class)
  • We will AIM at ensuring that the school culture reflects the culture of the area from which our learners are drawn.
  • We will MAINTAIN relationship with parents so that they are encouraged to become involved in the activities of the school.
  • We will STRIVE to create a warm supportive environment in which a child will feel comfortable to express his emotions and test his ideas